The global #ResistTrump movement is a prime example of how the collective nature of interconnected lives works at a day-to-day human level. When we aren’t acting as a collection of boxes submerged under the sea, but are aware of ourselves as the sea itself. When we aren’t working on behalf of individual interests, but on behalf of dismantling oppressive ideas.

Creative minds are at work on articulating this time in many ways. Here are some that I’ve especially appreciated. Please share your favorites in Comments below.

If you want a handy place to find resources, news analysis and summaries of how the #ResistTrump movement is getting things done, this is your page to bookmark and share as it grows a snapshot of the times we live in.


Protesting matters! If the president is perceived as unpopular, elected officials are much more likely to stand against him. Calling your representatives matters! One of the attorneys said it’s most effective to tell your reps what NOT to do (do NOT support this person or that bill). And to thank them when they do something you support.

— ACLU Workshop

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