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Responses to 2017 Refugees Ban

  • Episcopalian response on Refugee Advocacy, from Bishop Budde: “All Christian Americans should be offended that President Trump has decided that some of the most vulnerable refugees on the planet are not welcome here because they are of the Muslim faith, but that Christians from the seven troubled countries that the President has named are to receive favored treatment. Such favoritism is an insult to Christians. Scripture could not be clearer: we are called to welcome the stranger. Jesus himself was a refugee when his parents fled their homeland to save his life from a brutal ruler.”
  • Young evangelicals are beginning to come together in opposition to the refugee ban. “These evangelicals are asserting pro-life beliefs entail holding human life sacred from the womb to the tomb — which to them necessitates a pro-immigrant, pro-refugee stance. The result is the stirrings of a new Christian coalition.”
  • The legal perspective — can the ban withstand judicial scrutiny?, from a legal scholar



Personal Impact Stories

A green card holder from Sudan

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Immigration also is erroneously linked to increased crime rates, according to data by two teams of researchers:

  • “Immigration-crime research over the past 20 years has widely corroborated the conclusions that found no backing for the immigration-crime connection. Although there are always individual exceptions, the literature demonstrates that immigrants commit fewer crimes, on average, than native-born Americans.”
  • “For the last decade, we have been studying how immigration to an area impacts crime. Across our studies, one finding remains clear: Cities and neighborhoods with greater concentrations of immigrants have lower rates of crime and violence, all else being equal.”


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