Stages to Understanding

Attainable We is about seeing the world — from micro to macro — in a newer way. From the frustrating mysteries of quantum mechanics to the unfathomable mysteries of dark matter/dark energy, the human mind is uniquely situated in between, trying to make sense of it all. One of our weaknesses as interpreters is that we need to rely on our brain to tell us the story.

Like everything in life, this is a work-in-progress, growing and evolving with your input. Please join the conversation through the posts that invite comments.

In stage 1, we learn why our Perception is quite limited.
In stage 2, we discover that our Stories are changeable — communities go in waves of what they trust as truth, and those truths shift.
In stage 3, we realize that all humans tend to want to be Right, which is irrelevant.
In stage 4, we begin to see the ways Interconnection is embedded in the way the universe operates.
In stage 5, we notice the way our Structure is not linear, not fixed, all the way down to how our bodies work.
In stage 6, we explore Synchronicity — how letting go of the idea that we are independent bodies can help us.


In stage 7, we are more prepared for a Shift — to see that human’s place in the universe is actually quite small, and what that frees us up to be.